How is my dividend income calculated?

Our app will default to a Trailing 12 Month Yield, but you can switch at anytime by going to Settings within the app to a forward yield calculation.

I'm using the app outside of the US and the app displays you local currency, can I switch it to US currency?

By default, DivCalc will display local currency based off your location, however; you can go into your settings to force US currency. Do this by going to Settings within DivCalc and scroll down until you see: Display US dollars, where you will be taken to your iPhone settings where you can toggle on Display US Dollars.  

Can I add fractional shares?

Yes! We integrated the ability to add fractional shares by simply typing in the amount of shares owned in the amount in a decimal format (i.e. 100.3 or 100.8). Please note that if the fractional amount entered is too small to calculate a 0.01 amount change, the amount will not be reflected.

Is paying the $2.99 for premium a one-time fee or a subscription?

ONE.TIME.FEE! We repeat, a ONE TIME FEE. We were dedicated to making a functional low-cost app that brought incredible value and vital information to the palm of your hands.

Is there a limit to the number of shares I can add?

The free version will allow you to add 3 positions; Premium gives you unlimited number of shares.

What's included in DivCalc Premium?

DivCalc Premium gives you the following: 

  • Add an unlimited number of stocks
  • Access to our curated Discover section
  • View up-to-date dividend cut list 
  • Manage multiple portfolios with custom titles.
  • Import/Export positions from a .csv file in DivCalc
  • Automatically update positions using DRIP
  • Yield on Cost
  • Tax Withholding
  • Cost basis for positions 
  • Email technical support 
  • Removes ads

All of this for the extremely low price of $2.99 for a license that works with all of your Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac)! It goes without saying that the value proposition for DivCalc is immense. In order to sustain this model of a one-time fee, we had to make the decision to introduce a minimal subscription service to keep this service afloat — after all, quality financial data comes at a cost. Help us maintain DivCalc but subscribing to a minimal $0.99/ month subscription that will keep you up-to-date on all of your dividend announcements with all the features you already know and love.

What does the subscription include? 

Get unlimited push notifications on dividend announcements based on the positions you are holding in your DivCalc portfolio(s). No more having to wonder when changes are happening to your positions! Announcements include:

  • Ex Date
  • Pay Date
  • Record Date
  • Suspensions 
  • Reductions

How often is the data updated?

Our data provider IEX Cloud updates data daily. Please understand that financial dividend data is rapidly changing and oftentimes financial data providers like IEX Cloud update their data at different times compared to other sources which can lead to variances in figures. This is expected and no financial data provider is perfect. We understand that your financial data is critical and can provide assistance by reaching out to our support team: support@divcalc.app for further assistance. 

What markets does DivCalc provide financial data for? 

Currently we only provide financial data for US equities only. We are actively looking to adding other large markets like: TSX, ASX, LSE once we find a reliable dividend data financial data provider. Stay tuned via our social media accounts for the latest updates.

What if I find a bug?

Please report any bugs found to support@divcalc.app so we can squash them. Additionally you can report them in the app, by going to Settings > Send Feedback.

Is DivCalc available on Android?

No, not at the moment.  only.

If we decide to change our FAQ's we will post below the dates of change.

  • April 26th, 2020: First published.
  • June 24th, 2020: Amended FAQs.
  • August 10th, 2020: Amended FAQs.